Locators: Why are suggestions different than Results? Make them the same.

Idea created by kmsagis Champion on Dec 12, 2019
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    Brad Niemand Shana Britt


    I posted in the other threads, it looks like I have Locators figured out and working now with Suggestions and Units by using Gazetteer. You had suggested this initially for other geocoders e.g. parcel IDs but I have found it works great with house units.  


    However, there is still one problem. This appears to be an issue with the way Locators work in general.  If you start typing, you get different results in the Suggestions array than you do if you simply hit Enter to submit the request. This has to do apparently with the magickey.


    I will provide an example.  Let's say someone searches for '1 East Bay Street' on my property viewer www.sagis.org/map If you start typing it, the result comes up perfectly (it is actually 1 E Bay in the full address, but the Gazetteer is great, in that it is forgiving with spelling).  However.... if you paste it in or type it quickly and hit Enter... Nope.  No results found. It does find a record as you will see but that's from a completely separate locator which searches by Owner Name. It finds '501 East Bay Street LLC'.  


    And remember the Ghost results bug still exists i.e. you can't have a Units locator with Suggestions which for those not fortunate enough to have a single field with Full Address to use for Gazetteer is still a roadblock to using a locator at all.


    This is conceptually similar. Suggestions be exactly the same as hitting Enter. No 'ghosts'. And no leaving out correct results as I have found here. I understand the idea was to try to accelerate the result retrieval but I think that these issues trump that in 99% of cases. Perhaps it could be an option to still use the old Enter result retrieval (with its leaving out of some results, like in this post) and perhaps you could leave a legacy style of Locator with Ghosts but I want some way of fixing both of these bugs/product design issues.  For me, I would never choose to have the Results from Enter differ from Suggestions, at all, in any case. It must be the same. Locators are the most important part of nearly all my viewers. Thank you for understanding, and for your continued conversation on locators!