Allow the GET COUNT Tool to Output to a Table or Text File

Idea created by bswade on Nov 15, 2019
    • bswade

    When attempting to get a simple record count on 500+ processed features the GET COUNT tool works great as a quicker version of the SUMMERIZE tool, however it does not allow for a simple output to a table or a text file.

    I assume that through major gyrations of a combo of tools, this can be made this happen but I at this point have found a half work around.

    After the tools completion, I copy the results from the detail history pane into a text editor, delete the top few lines until I can run a macro that leaves me with:



    count: 1000000

    run a macro to bring the count onto the same line as the filename:


    filename.dbf count: 1000000


    and it’s ready to bring into Excel using the “:” as a delimiter.


    Admittedly I don’t know much python however I assume this all can be accomplished with a couple lines of code.


    Keep in mind my processed features each have thousands to millions of records so the summarize tool takes "forever" vs my workaround takes 5 minutes.


    So, I think a count output to table or text at the completion of the GET COUNT Tool is an idea whose time has come.