Choose level of transparency / raster merge on export

Idea created by mat.azzopardi_arcadis_uk on Nov 12, 2019

    Previously in ArcMap, any layer that had a transparency on export would take that layer and any layers below it and convert into one raster. Any layers above that transparent layer would then stay as vector information if relevant, and so the title block too.


    In Pro, I have noticed that various layers on top of one another is trying to replicate those layers as true transparency individual layers in the PDF but causes problems especially of loading time of the PDF.

    There is the option of export as image which does replicate what ArcMap previously did, however, this even converts the title block and everything else as a raster.


    Are we able to have an additional setting to decide how it treats the transparent layers, so giving the option of what ArcMap does, are can it just do what ArcMap did previously as there were no problems with this.