Insert new feature on a specific user-defined location on edit

Idea created by mprojo on Oct 16, 2019
    • mprojo

    our organization that works alot with planning maps and sketches for decision makers are missing the ability to insert a geometry (feature) in a user specifik place while editing, and importing data let me explain what im looking for.


    what if:

    1. as a user, you got the ability to do a template geometry that u later can use while editing to insert in your map by just clicking once in the map.(like an symbol but it adds a polygon or line defined geometry, depending on your featureclass)
    2. Your able to set an insertion point if needed when u import/append/paste features. and the feature adds depending on the insertion point


    these 2 new abilites would help us alot and save us time and money while were sketching for new zonal or residential areas, we could have ready to go standard building footprints, parking lots, and other geometrys to add to our map by one click away. The user wouldnt need to be a pro GIS user if they just wanna sketch if the project is already configured.


    as it is now we have "sort of" these abilities in our CAD system but we want to move from CAD to GIS fulltime!