Save own maps for user type 'Viewer'

Idea created by HennieD on Oct 9, 2019
    • HennieD
    • soneill_nmslo
    • shollier
    • ocwd.admin

    Users with user type "Viewer' capabilities should be able to save their own maps for personal use. They don't have to be able to share them with coworkers, the organisation or the world, just save them as their own maps for later usage.


    Our organisation publishes a lot of feature layers that users can add to maps. However, they cannot save that map for future usage. Each time they want to use a certain combination of layers, they have to add them again and again. Why not add the capability for Viewer-users to save that map as a personal map so they can use it day in and day out with the layers and settings that is useful to them (and them alone).