Attribute Table Widget - Change alias for hidden related tables

Idea created by OsDiAl31 on Sep 6, 2019
    • OsDiAl31

    I have found an undesired behaviour using the widget Attirubte Table.


    My map has a feature class with three related tables (no geometry). As I only want the user to see the feature class when they open the Attribute Table, I have unchecked the three related tables in the widget configuration.


    So far, so good. Now, I open the table, select a feature and use the option "Show related elements". Three new tabs are opened with the related info I want. But the name columns are not want I want to see as column headers.


    If I go back to the widget configuration and I try to edit the aliases of the fields, the widget tells me that if I want to change the alias, I need to make those tables visible. There is no way of changing the aliases without turning on the visibility, which I don't want.


    Why the ability to change the alias of a field is dependant on the table visibility? If we are able to see related information without the need to make those tables visible by default, I think we should also be able to control how to show the fields of those related tables.


    I have tried changing the aliases in the pop-up configuration of the map, but the attrbiute table widget ignores them.