Include XML Workspace Document with Esri Solutions

Idea created by mwawryk on Aug 16, 2019
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    Esri provides great solutions that you can easily deploy but they have not included any feature level documentation, XML Workspace Documents or File Geodatabase to go along with the solutions. Why would you need this for an online solution? We need to give documentation to other users so they can decide if the fields are what they need or if we need to add more or change them to suit our organization. Often times domain values also need to be tweaked to suit our organization. We also need a way to compare the solutions over time. The blogs are a great starting point but we need to see what the schema changes are so we can evaluate if we need to use the new feature layer or keep the one we were using. 


    Currently to do this we need to export each layer as FGDB and then download it from AGOL. We then have to export the FGDB to SDE geodatabase so we can produce a report with field information for the planning group to decide if they want changes. By providing feature level documentation, XML Workspace Documents or File Geodatabases to go along with their solutions would save a lot of time.Howard Crothers