Filter widget - option to not hide non-matching features

Idea created by kmsagis Champion on Jul 16, 2019
    • kmsagis

    Idea: an option for users to not hide non-matching features. Perhaps instead of showing only Properties with Sale Price > 10,000 where the rest of the polygons disappear, I just want to shade the matching features darker or highlight purple. So that the matching features stand out, but you can still see all the features in the dataset. (Also I think users should be able to adjust symbology for Filter, like Query widget)  This is very important because sometimes even I forget that I have the Filter enabled.  It is too easy to forget. Also to this end there should be a badge icon next to the layer name in the Attribute Table tab and Layer List layer's name, indicating it's filtered, like a filter icon or something.   I would also like to see Filter's graphical interface for constructing queries, built in to the Query Widget. Perhaps, frankly, these two should be merged. And the Filter should just become the Query widget. Because most users do not find the Filter or forget where it is, as it is somewhat buried.  The issue is I like some things in Query, like how it doesn't hide non-matching features. But I like the Filter capability to define query at run time. I also think it would be good to have both options; let users decide whether to hide non-matching features or not; and if they keep all features to choose symbology for the new overlay of matching features at run time (like how users can customize symbology in Query).  Jianxia Song