Allow us to customize ArcGIS Online Item Buttons

Idea created by roemhildtg on Jul 16, 2019

    Some item types in ArcGIS Online present the user different options. These include:


     - Survey123 - Includes a custom button for "Open in Survey123"

     - Workforce - "Open in Workforce for ArcGIS"


    Web maps have an assortment of buttons, like "Open in ArcGIS Desktop", "Create presentation", etc.  All these mentioned are all hard coded buttons though. Some orgs may use them, some orgs may want to use different buttons, and some orgs may want to link to their own applications. Give us the ability to change the buttons displayed for item types. The main one I can think of would be Web Maps. Orgs could do something like this:



    Which could link to a web app like<webMapId>