Clear Search Values in Query WebApp Builder Widget

Idea created by Carlyndi on Jul 1, 2019
    • Carlyndi
    • chris.blinn
    • Lindsay_King
    • Bob_Folsom

    Provide a "Clear" option in the Query Widget to allow users the ability to clear query values if they change their mind about what criteria and value they want to search on. 


    For example, let's say that a user selects "Idaho" or "ID" from a drop down list that searches for all hospitals in her home state of Idaho, but then she changes her mind when she notices that she can also search by her zip code.


    The problem is that she has already selected "Idaho" from the state query drop down option, so if she wants to search by zip instead, she has to delete "Idaho" manually or run the query on state and then clear the result-none of which are good options. 


    Instead, wouldn't it be nice if the user could just "Clear" and start over again? 


    See attached screen shot.