Bring Edit Button from Desktop to Pro

Idea created by Thomas.Wang on Jun 17, 2019

    Running ArcPro 2.2.0, worked/working in Water & Gas Utilities. 


    Apologies if this idea has been added to newer iterations of Pro.


    As someone who has done a lot of digitizing in ArcGIS for Desktop, I'd like to see the "Edit" button be brought back to ArcPro. To be honest as a GIS Technician, I never used the regular "Select" tool except by accident, I also preferred to used the Edit button for selecting features.


    The "Edit" button just streamlines of the digitizing processes such as being able to:


    1. Select and move a feature with one tool
    2. Double Click to start editing Vertices


    The extra button clicks in Pro ("Move," "Vertices," etc...) makes it clunky and cumbersome to select and edit features.



    This tool if there's any confusion of what tool I'm speaking about.


    Thank you!