Ability to Search Items with no Categories

Idea created by matthew.wakefield_SFMO on May 6, 2019
    • matthew.wakefield_SFMO
    • nfazer_midlandcounty

    I'm trying to organize our AGOL instance. My number one priority is to ensure that all items are categorized. We have over 600 items currently. 


    A vast majority of those are not categorized. As we begin our clean up, I would request a way to identify those items that do not have categories. 


    I'm not picky on how it's implemented. Some ideas are:


    • Add a special instance of the category search such as Category: '  ' or Category: NULL
    • Include an item in the categories list on the left hand side of the content page that's labeled "Uncategoriezed" 
    • Include an ability to export item meta data that we could do our own analysis.