Direct access to native layer metadata from web maps

Idea created by tshindler on Apr 26, 2019
    • tshindler

    Currently, when you go to the "description" of any element of a web map, web app, or web service, you get only what was saved at the time of publishing. It would be quite useful to enable a view of the actual native metadata for any dataset included in a map service. This would eliminate the need to replicate and manually update metadata through the process of publishing a service.


    Currently, if you have a web service with several layers, and their native metadata is updated (in catalog, etc), you must manually copy the description and credits to the ArcMap project (mxd), then re-publish the service. Only then will the layer's metadata be reflected in the web environment. If a given dataset (like parcels, or streets) are used on several services, their metadata must be replicated manually into the each map project used to published each service. This represents a LOT of repetitive manual labor. Viewing the layer metadata directly would eliminate all of that work.