Only show attribute tables of active Map in ArcGIS Pro

Idea created by crlindsay@rcflood on Apr 18, 2019

    In ArcGIS Pro it would be nice to only have attribute tables open for a Map that is currently being viewed.  I'm trying to take advantage of using multiple maps in one ArcGIS Pro project.  In ArcGIS Desktop I created several mxds, but in Pro i combined all these mxds into one .aprx.  These mxds had a layer that was the same name in each one, but each contained different data. For example, there was a layer called "MasterFeatureClass" in each mxd, but the data itself was different.


    When I imported these mxds into ArcGIS Pro it made it simpler in the fact that I didn't have to open each mxd.  The problem is that when I open up "MasterFeatureClass" for a particular map that is on display it still stays up when I click onto another map.  It confuses me and I think this is the table for the map that I switched over to.


    I tried renaming "MasterFeatureClass" in the Table of Contents to make them unique so I would know which table belongs to which maps.  However, I have a python set up and it didn't like when I renamed the labels.  I also tried grouping the attribute table to the same tab as the map.  This works, but not if I'm viewing more than two maps since it will get cluttered.  


    To avoid confusion it seems the only way is to close each map and only have one open at a time.  This works, but it would be nice to have more than one map if they are both needed.


    So having the attribute tables open for only the active map would be helpful.