Layer Metadata Widget

Idea created by jbryant_wya on Apr 4, 2019
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    If you've spent a lot of time updating the descriptions and metadata for each layer in a hosted feature service, you'd like the fruits of your labor to be viewed by those using the service. But currently, when creating a Web App using WebApp Builder in ArcGIS Online, there is no way to consume and display the layer descriptions from either the item description page or the layer metadata itself in the web app (according to ESRI support).


    In some configurations of the Layer List Widget, you can select "Show Item Details", but this opens a separate tab in your browser, and displays the item description for the feature class, not the layer.


    I'd like to have a version of either the Legend, Layer or Info widgets that consumes the Description from either the layer item or the layer metadata (why they are not the same is another issue) that could be displayed in an informational window right in the app along with the layer symbol.


    As a work around, I am current using the "Info Summary" widget, and copying and pasting the descriptions for the layers into the Label field in the widget configuration. But adding this much text to a label field makes the cell huge and causes the symbol icon to become large and pixelated.