Standard Tile Cache Folder Structure

Idea created by tysonbarlow on Mar 25, 2019
    • nfazer_midlandcounty
    • tysonbarlow

    The standard tile cache structure, as developed by Google, is a set of folders and files representing the zoom, row, and columns. A URL for a tile would end something like this: /tile/{z}/{y}/{x}


    The current exploded cache structure from Esri using the Manage Tile Cache tool has all the right folders and files with filenames representing the zoom, row, and column numbers, but it uses hexadecimal numbers like R0032b9d0 to name the folders and files (not good!). 


    Please consider a new tool or update an existing tool that will allow us to create a tile cache with the ZYX folder structure mentioned above. It is a format that is the standard for map tile caches, and Esri's products do not support an option to create tile caches in that format.