Allow SQL Server to run Python 3

Idea created by herrm on Mar 8, 2019

    We run Python 2 scripts from SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to integrate spatial and non spatial data replication. Tasks like using a SQL query to copy a table from a mainframe extract to SDE then use a geoprocessing tool in python to geocode it.


    This can be done currently as a job in SSMS by running as CmdExec to execute the Python geoprocessing tool like this:

    c:\Python27\ArcGIS10.2\python.exe \\roc-smb\gis\Scripts\Active\Red_NMX_Replication\


    However everything is moving to ArcPro and using this same workflow with Python 3 results in an error of  "import arcgisscripting  RuntimeError: Not signed into Portal.  Process Exit Code 1.  The step failed."


    This happens even with ArcPro open, a user signed in, and a dedicated stand licence on the machine in question but we are still denied permission to access Python 3.