Enable Custom Sort by for WAB Dropdown list

Idea created by WKJenkins_METROSTL on Feb 28, 2019
    • WKJenkins_METROSTL

    Our agency has an app that is using the filter function currently and while the dropdown is currently in alphanumeric order it is not in the order that we would like for it to be. The filter is of all of our routes and each of the columns starts with a number, but is then followed by a description. So when the filter is dropped down it puts it in alphanumeric which is confusing some users. 


    I would love it if we had a sort by column that we could point to or maybe allowing a sort by file. The easiest thing for us in particular would be for us to just us our route private codes column, but display the route descriptions column. 


    Referenced application:

    ArcGIS Web Application