Better layout or GUI for AGOL/Enterprise file management for Collaboration

Idea created by WKJenkins_METROSTL on Feb 13, 2019
    • WKJenkins_METROSTL
    • tiffany.tse
    • Davewsel
    • steinmetzt_NIWA

    I am working a lot between AGOL and Enterprise and I am having a really hard time keeping things straight in my head in between where I am keeping files, view, and what groups I have as well as what items I have in collaborated content and am experiencing a lot of syncing issues between agol and enterprise. I am finding it very troublesome to visualize how all my files are laid out, what groups they are all in, and whether preforming a certain action would break a webmap feeding to an application. It seems like I am spending more and more time clicking through EVERY SINGLE LAYER and EVERY SINGLE GROUP. When all I want to do is look at a windows explorer or ArcCatalog like piece of software. The fact that I can't have subfolders is killing me and not being able to navigate through my folders in Map Viewer Makes it difficult to find items sometimes. 

    Please tell me that there is either a better way to manage my files or that you all are working on something that would make it less troublesome to visualize all of my files, groups and collaborations.