PRO Save Function Equivalency with ArcMap

Idea created by shlousek on Jan 14, 2019
    • MBDriscoll
    • kmsagis
    • shlousek
    • crodriguez_SurvWest

    Could we get the same type of save functionality as we had in ArcMap with Pro.


    In ArcMap, I could open an .mxd, make changes to that .mxd, add or remove shapefiles and feature classes and even do analysis, and then quit without saving.  When I re-opened the .mxd it was as-if I had never done anything.  


    In PRO when I make any change, that change is "live" in the map - and any associated Layouts, even if I don't save the project.


    I'd like the ability to save but have that save apply the changes I have made rather than everything being "live". 


    I've worked around this right now using a "Working Map" that is not tied to an layouts but having one working map to answer any question is cumbersome. It was easier with ArcMap to open up a map that was somehow related to the question they might be asking and answer the question with that map, then close it without saving. 


    Maybe there is a setting somewhere to toggle this function?  I haven't found it if there is. 


    This functionality would improve my PRO experience a LOT.