I3S/SLPK Enhancement Tool

Idea created by Travis.Brousseau@ap.jll.com_JLL on Jan 10, 2019
    Under Consideration
    • Travis.Brousseau@ap.jll.com_JLL

    Would be great to be able to adjust or enhance I3S file (and/or Scene Layer Package) quality within the ESRI environment for better performance in the ESRI environment. This could be a separate utility/optimizer or a new tool in an ArcGIS Toolbox. A few things to consider would be:

    • Say you were given an integrated mesh of a city in I3S format. The texture quality and geometry may be too detailed and you need to decrease quality. If there was a tool in the toolbox that could allow for modifying texture and geometry quality as well as clipping extent would be ideal to allow for more control within the ESRI platform.
    • A few programs that produce integrated meshes are ContextCapture and Pix4D but to my understanding neither allow for texture compression in I3S format. If the GIS user could somehow enhance the meshes in I3S format to control texture compression this would definitely improve Desktop and Web viewing quality.
    • Currently any organisation can receive aerial/satellite imagery from a provider and modify/optimise as they so choose but why not with integrated meshes as well?


    Overall, integrated meshes and large 3D datasets will become more and more common in the ESRI environment and allowing for GIS Administrators to adjust and enhance for the ESRI environment will be key.