Audio Alert/Queue for Thresholds

Idea created by james.dickens@bristowgroup.com_Bristow on Dec 4, 2018
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    Please consider an audio alert for Thresholds or Conditions in Operations Dashboard. This would make a great add-in feature and hopefully easy to do. 


    My example for this would be that I currently use an Indicator that is Conditionally set to change status when an alert has been triggered. Visually it looks good but people monitoring are not always heads up and can't always catch the conditional change. If there was the ability to add an audio alarm of some type (Bell ring, tone, Alarm) along with a duration (Single, Timed, or until cleared) would go a long way to adding functionality to the dashboarding process.


    As an additional side note to this, it may be great to add in the ability to send an SMS or Email message out as well as the sound.