Shortlist Story Map Customize Labelling Descriptions Caption Text Formatting

Idea created by emoore_azdema on Nov 1, 2018

    Hello ESRI,


    I have a problem that could easily be fixed if there was a Shortlist feature that allowed you to customize a description template for every event/item in the Story Map.


    I have 45 events and do not want to edit these by hand.


    I know there is a way to do this with HTML code, but I'm not a programmer. Moreover my boss says to do this it would force the company to host the Story Map on their server which they don't want to do.


    This would not be as a big a problem if this was a one-time created map. But this Story Map is intended to be updated with an automated spreadsheet, and so in the future new events will be added. Someone would have to edit the Shortlist every time the spreadsheet was updated.


    Please help me and the countless others who will face this problem in the future, by making a new labelling feature.


    Image of descriptions without labelling:

    Descriptions/ information below the image

    Image of descriptions with desired labelling:

    correct labelling



    I asked this question on stack exhange and received an answer:


    labeling - Automating ArcGIS Online Shortlist Story Map description customization? - Geographic Information Systems Stac… 


    I appreciate you taking the time to review this. Thank you.