Make ArcGIS Desktop ArcInfo Level Available as SAS through the Amazon Cloud

Idea created by jdhall on May 10, 2010
    Thousands of people have purchased a lower license level only to find that there is one needed function that is not available at that license level. Providing Desktop ArcInfo through the Amazon Cloud would enable people to have access to the software for one off functions, test-drive the most current full version, or build a business model around occasional use of ArcGIS rather than full time use.  
    • A startup consultant would have access to the full version immedeatly rather than 6 months or a year into operations.
    • A small organization with modest needs and funding could justify usage on a project by project basis.
    • Teachers could access the software for use in the classroom without having to manage a license or installation decreasing a barrier to entry
    • A connection would be made to those people curious or interested in the software who might not be on the radar of regional managers.
    • Using a virtual desktop and data stores along with ArcGIS SAS would enable project portability, mobility and might increase the software capabilities for demonstrations and presentations.