Add layer URL with dynamic GeoJSON

Idea created by Jbotterill on Oct 28, 2018

    With the advent of APIs, sharing data dynamically using a URL is very useful... but I'd like to consume live data in a web map via GeoJSON / JSON.


    Currently only static GeoJSON can be added to content in AGOL and then a web map. Users have the option to add a KML using "Add layer from the Web", however KML's are limited in their functionality once they are in AGOL web map, which is when you may want to change symbology, add labels etc. With GeoJSON you can do this & more within the web map/app using attributes.


    So this request is to 'Add layer/item from the Web'    GeoJSON functionality to a web map and save as content, so it can dynamic in a web map where you set the layer to be refreshed at certain intervals