Use of edited JSON filters in Collector -  Offline

Idea created by C_Deering on Sep 19, 2018
    • mstarry_mnpower
    • C_Deering

    I have created a feature service (server) which is used in Collector to update refuse bin data for each residential premise.


    Work is allocated to specific officers and specific days (according to bin round days)  I have been asked to created a dynamic filter so officers only see work allocated to them for that day.  This I did by amending the JSON script for the filters and all worked well until we tried to take the map offline. 


    I  understand from ESRI that the reason an edited JSON will not work offline is due to the creation of a runtime geodatabase, which requires unique identifiers. This creates a replica global ID which resyncs once the map is taken online.



    I think this functionality would be a great asset.