ArcGIS Pro: Add Multi - field Batch Geoprocessing ability such as in ArcGIS Desktop

Idea created by RudmaTek_AU on Sep 16, 2018

    In ArcGIS Desktop (Map & Catalog) you can right click on a geoprocessing tool and select "Batch"

    This allows you to run the same tool with multiple custom inputs & outputs, parameters, etc. and even use FILL to autocomplete fields with similar parameters.


    There is a Batch option in Pro but it does not replicate the existing functionality.

    There are a few new options but most of old functionality is lost.


    A good example is importing multiple Domains using multiple input tables as well as / or a table with multiple columns defining Domians into one or more FGDB.


    Using a Batched version of the Desktop "Table to Domain" tool you can use DRAG & DROP or COPY & PASTE to add multiple Input Tables, add non-standard Code/Description Fields, expand rows with FILL, customize a few DOMAINS and then run the tool.


    This does not appear to be possible to do in Pro.