ArcGIS Pro Enable the Label Placement Properties in a Scene

Idea created by skeenaresources on Aug 23, 2018
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    Currently when trying to label in ArcGIS pro in a local or global scene, you have very limited labeling functionality when it comes to the Label Placement properties. Almost all tools for Placement and position options are grayed out, except the initial placement value. I've included screen shots below. This is really limiting when trying to annotate or label features in a scene, particularity when being used in an animation. For example, I'm trying to create balloon callouts identifying different mines in BC and I'm unable to center justify the text, get my leader lines to show or show overlapping labels (see "Scene" screenshot). I can't offset the labels at all to even get those leader lines showing which is apparently what needs to be done. This is extremely limiting for annotating and labeling features in a scene. You don't have the ability to deal with conflicting labels, or the ability to place overlapping labels, all grayed out!  The tools and functionality all appear to be there, but the tools are grayed out so it's very misleading. I would love to see this labeling functionality for all aspects of Pro, not just for Maps but Scenes as well. You're really promoting the 3D uses of Pro, then give us the functionality we need to annotate and label our scenes properly so our animations and 3d maps are more professional looking.