Please add subscript/superscript formatting to the attribute table

Idea created by Mike@Secure2018 on Jul 18, 2018
    • SRanjan-esristaff
    • mattCsimon
    • Mike@Secure2018

    ESRI ESRI, Could you please allow for attribute tables to retain subscript/superscript formatting? As right now any chemical formulas convert to plain text and this is not of sufficient enough to present for industry standards.


    Currently I have to add this formatted text manually via copy/paste from Microsoft. However this method will not allow for, or retain a mask/glow; and without the mask the labels are not very legible when placed on a map or over a satellite image.


    IF it is not possible to allow the attribute table to retain formatting:

    At the very least could you add a text box which has the capabilities to format sub/superscript (and retain a mask)? As using insert>object>wordDoc also does not allow for special effect text (such as a mask/glow).


    Currently (in 10.6) any text that supports a mask/glow will not support subscripts/superscripts. *With exception of html script but this is not realistic for my quantity of my data*