Add a "Change Layout" Button for ArcGIS Pro

Idea created by jrflannery on Jul 18, 2018

    ArcMap has a "Change Layout" button  pic in the Layout Toolbar.  This allows users, who need to switch their layout format, to choose a custom template from a folder location.


    Scenario - I built my map with an 8.5x11 portrait layout.  My client is now asking for the map layout to be 8.5x11 landscape.  I click on the "Change Layout" button, choose from my catalog of custom layouts and I've quickly, on-the-fly, changed from one custom layout format to a different custom layout format. 


    In an ArcGIS Pro layout, I am not afforded this "Change Layout" functionality.  Yes, I know that we can have multiple layouts in a Pro project.   I'm looking to be able to pick a custom layout from a folder of custom layouts.  Not "Import" an additional layout from an mxd document. 


    I would love to see this enhancement in a future build of ArcGIS Pro.