Ability to remove duplicate labels from feature layer in ArcGIS online

Idea created by TPG@Wellington on Jun 7, 2018

    First, take note that there are no duplicated features in my layer and the layer has not been added multiple times in the web map.


    Here is an example of the scenario where I would like to be able to remove duplicated labels from a hosted feature layer:

    • There is a (1) Hosted Feature Layer added to my web map which contains say 20 features / parcels.
    • Each parcel has an individual Object ID, and other attributes in a series of fields.
    • There is also a field containing ownership information.
    • Multiple features/parcels can have the same ownership information.
    • If I want to display ownership labels for each parcel, therefore, my map will display multiple times the same owner's name since multiple parcels have the same ownership attribute.

    I would like to be able to remove the duplicated owner names from the labels and display the name only once even if the name comes up multiple times in my attribute table. This is possible when using "remove all duplicates" in ArcGIS Pro Labeling Properties and in ArcMap as well. I would rather not have to remove the repeated owner's names from my attribute table or merge features.