Stop having ArcGIS Pro automatically sort attribute domains when editing

Idea created by jvw122 on Jun 6, 2018

    When I edit coded value domains in ArcGIS Pro in the Domains View, it always automatically sorts the domains alphanumerically. Many times I want my domains to be in a specific order that is not numeric or alphabetical. I do not recall ArcMap/Catalog having this issue.


    Is this a bug? If not, why was design implemented? Can this be an optional setting or an additional step within the editing domains view? Can the Domains View also be set up to easily change the order of coded value domains.


    The good news is that if you use the Table To Domain tool, it retains the order that is in the table. However, if you try to add a new value, the domains will sort. Though there are other issues with this tool sometimes not working removes the old domains, but doesn't add the new ones. I have had this issue in ArcCatalog also.