add custom popup html in ADDITION to existing fields

Idea created by kmsagis Champion on Jun 1, 2018
    • jtsmolinski_ga
    • EpavesduGrizzly
    • kmsagis
    • xander_bakker
    • E06214@srcity.org_SantaRosa

    Almost all the time, I want to keep all the popup info the same, but just add a link. Or make one of the fields clickable because it contains part of a URL.


    What I mean is, layout of the popup with the fields is great, I just want to add a link to it, or maybe make one of the fields a clickable. As it is now, you have to manually re-create all the fields in the popup. It would be nice to be able to "copy" out the existing popup html, the clipboard, so we could paste it back in to another popup template. Or better yet, let it programmatically have part of the popup be custom HTML and the rest of it, normal. In other words if fields are added or changed etc there would be no need to go in manually and update the html. It would be like a regular popup, except for the PART of the infotemplate that we customized with custom HTML.