Pass coordinates from Collector to Survey123 (without using feature attributes)

Idea created by jkle461@ecy.wa.lcl_waecy on May 22, 2018
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    Collector is currently able to pass the coordinates of a feature to Survey123. But imagine instead that you are clicking a point on the map in Collector that does not yet have a feature. As of now, when somebody "clicks and holds" a spot there is a secondary type Popup that appears that shows the coordinates of the spot which was clicked



    It would be very useful if these secondary-coordinates popups could be configured like the standard popups for features. That way if somebody wants to create a new feature and open Survey123, they could hold the spot on the map until the coordinate popup appears, and this popup could be configured to allow a link to be inserted such that S123 is opened with the coordinates for this new feature already pre-determined so that the user does not have to select the location twice