Allow published map services to pull through symbology header and to appear in Portal (i.e. field name the symbology is based on)

Idea created by Steph_Stedman on Apr 13, 2018
    • Thomaswooldridge

    When creating and publishing an MXD to use as a map service in ArcGIS Portal I would like the symbology "header" to be pulled through and displayed in Portal.

    E.g. If I have my symbology set by a fieldname "Area" to show N,S,E,W the header is "Area". I would like that to be pulled through in portal when using a map service.

    It is possible to show headers in Portal when the symbology is configured in Portal itself, but I'd rather have it pulled straight from the MXD.


    This is possible when publishing a feature service but the limit on features is 3000 - so this needs to be upped too!