Update Hosted Scene Layers

Idea created by ds0815 on Apr 13, 2018
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    Currently our Workflow to Update 3d hostet scene layer is as follows:

     - upload new scene layer package or update an existing scene layer package

     - delete old hostet scene layer (backup describtions/sharing etc.)

     - public new hostet scene layer from uploaded/updatet scene layer package using the same name as the old hostet scene layer

     - edit describtions and sharing ptions for the new hostet scene layer to be the same as the old layer.


    That way all Scenes and apps using the hostet scene layer Link are updated.


    However, this is not very streamline!

    (In 2D are at least otions to update / overwrite web features services form arcmap/apro. I also found an describtion to update scene layers from feature layers with 3d symbols, however this is not preferable and might consume a lot of credits.)


    Easiest way might be, just to update the hostet scene layer automatically, if the corresponding scene layer Package is updated. (Or put a button in the hostet scene layer to trigger updates, maybe even from another scene layer package, that way different versions could be maintained.)


    If there are other ways to update hostet 3d scene layers, it would be nice to hear about...