Pro: Add the Profile Graph Tool as it works in ArcMap

Idea created by tpcolson Champion on Apr 2, 2018

    In Arc, it is very quick and easy for me to draw (not create a 3d line feature), emphasis on click one button and start drawing, a line, hit another button, and have a graph, or 3. Where this comes in handy, in an urgent, time-sensitive situation, is when deciding how to route rescue teams in steep, densely vegetated mountainous terrain in off trail searches. In about 10 seconds I'm able to produce the "yeah, we're not gonna do that" graph, the "well it will be easy coming down" graph, and the "is the helicopter flying today?" graph. I can even (very quickly) do mean things like set the horizontal axis to Logarithmic to create the "doesn't look too steep we can do this" graph. Looks like this has been brought up in the past: Loss of line profile tool in ArcGIS Pro?  , 3D Profile in ArcGIS Pro with no answer, or "Interactive line profiling is not yet available in ArcGIS Pro, it will be added in a future release. Around the 1.2-1.3 time frame.", which doesn't appear to be the case. The existing Profile tools in Pro either take way to many steps, do not produce manipulatable output like you can in Arc unless you choose the Stack Profile tool, and export to Excel, or the Create Chart tool, which does not allow exporting to Excel. Looks like Profile Tools in general need a lot more development before Pro can be considered an "Arc Map Replacement": Elevation Profile ImprovementBatch export profile charts from ArcGIS Pro? , modify defaults for Point Profile Graph , profile graph in ArcGIS pro 2.0 


    Yes, I can hit the pencil button and "interactively" draw my lines, then I have to wrestle with chart options (make your own), or export the table: neither of which I have to do with the interactive profile tool in Arc.