Geoprocessing - Allow the usage of an applications in-memory feature classes

Idea created by DaveForsberg on Mar 12, 2018
    • daniel.interrante.phl
    • DaveForsberg

    When creating applications using the Pro SDK, we are often executing a series of geoprocesses. 


    It would be useful to have the option to save the output feature class of various geoproccessing functions (Buffers, Intersects, etc.) directly to defined objects in the application code, instead of writing the results to a geodatabase.  Then use these in-memory feature classes as inputs to other geoprocesses in the series.


    For example:

    Buffer buffer = new AnalysisTools.Buffer();

    Buffer buffer2  = new AnalysisTools.Buffer();


    IFeatureClass bufferedFc= geoprocessor.Execute(buffer1, null);

    IFeatureClass  bufferedFc2 = geoprocessor.Execute(buffer2, null);


    Intersect intersect = new AnalysisTools.Intersect();


    intersect.in_features = buffered1, buffered2;

    intersect.out_feature_class = ... written to a geodatabase feature class

    object result = geoprocessor.Execute(intersect, null);


    This would increase the applications performance by eliminating the need to write the results of each geoprocess step to a geodatabase, only to be read back into the application, and finally deleted at the end of the series.