ArcGIS Pro - more Intuitive Default Legend Labels

Idea created by deleted-user-sYHsW3p_gN5o on Feb 13, 2018

    When I am creating a map in ArcGIS Pro, many times the default legend labels are not intuitive. In the picture below, you can see the labels default to <= 5 and <=10, which can cause confusion, because technically 3 would fit in the <= 10 category when in reality it would always be in the <=5 category.


    A more intuitive approach would be like I've shown, having the default set to the range of values included. And in the last slot it could say "or greater" or "or higher," although I understand if that's not a common enough need. 


    It seems to me like there's no reason to have the default set to what it currently is, since I've always learned that good map making should always consider the reader first. I hope this change will be implemented in a future release.