Workspace / Favourites / Save Session / Advanced Bookmark widget - that supports layers added via the Add Data widget

Idea created by deleted-user-hLO9CiTZjbgN on Nov 21, 2017
    • Anna.Eilers

    We really need OOTB WAB functionality that will allow users to discover and add layers of interest to them via the Add Data widget, then have a mechanism for saving a 'workspace / favourite / previous session' that enables them to re-open a map that they created previously with all layers added via the Add Data widget present in the Layers List widget, with their layer visibility settings restored (incl. any re-ordering, transparency, enabling / disabling popups etc.).


    Use case: Many of our users want to add multiple layers they are interested in to their maps, and turn on/off layers they do / don't want, then come back at a later time to re-use their 'custom' map.  At present, because they cant 'save' their work, our GIS Team are having to create multiple targeted apps to give them a better UX.  Allowing users to save their work would save a lot of maintenance / support overhead by the GIS Team, and also provide our users with what they need.


    Nice to have functionality that would also be extremely useful:

    - be able to create Admin 'workspaces' that all users have access to

    - have 'workspaces' that save and restore any graphics added to the map using the Draw widget

    - be able to share any saved 'workspaces' with others