Search widget popup using feature layer popup configuration.

Idea created by Peter.G on Sep 27, 2017
    • KWright33
    • Peter.G

    The search widget popup is nice, but it doesnt honor the popup configured for the same layer that it searched against. The Web App Builder Application shouldnt show diffrent popup content for the same feature. This only confuses the user. Some fields are filtered out, or added through popup configuration in the Web Map. Most importantly, the user often need to search for a feature in order to edit it. I have noticed that double clicking on the feature in the attribute table show the correct popup. But searching for a feature by filtering the attribute table, in order to get a popup that can be editable, is not a very user friendly work flow. Sure this behaviour can be achived with Web App Builder developer edition, but this feature is needed in all applications that uses the edit widget and the search widget on editable data.