Basic Export to Geodatabase Support (v2017)

Idea created by ds0815 on Sep 8, 2017
    • BruceLang
    • ds0815
    • martinair2014

    Since version 2017 "export to file-geodatabase" is only available in advanced-version, before 2017 this was also part of the basic version - which we use to edit / build single 3D-modells for ArcGIS (like "sketchup for ArcGis").


    This is ridiculous - How will you achieve seamless integration in ArcGIS if you do not (basic) support your own in-house-Formats, which was our main reason to buy cityengine?

    Now its (again) easier and cheaper to use Google Sketchup and import to ArcGIS via other File-Formats...


    Please take back that decision and continue to license "export to gdb" as part of the basic license, as it used to be.