Hard code a Definition Query clause when using Tasks in Pro

Idea created by ngaspard on Aug 18, 2017
    Under Consideration

    Currently there is no way to set up a definition query as a task step in ArcGIS Pro with a predefined/hard coded SQL clause or even pass the SQL clause as a parameter. It would be extremely helpful when using Tasks in ArcGIS Pro if there was a way to set up a Feature Layer Definition Query as a task step and hard code the SQL clause so it is passed into the into the Definition Query automatically - minimizing the chance for error on the users part.  


    The ability to set up Task has been very helpful for our workflow, especially when it comes to our "less knowledgeable" GIS users who aren't completely familiar with how certain GIS tools work.  However, relying on them to correctly enter the SQL code again and again when running a Task has opened up opportunities for them to incorrectly set up the SQL clause due to fat-finger or syntax errors.


    It would be beneficial to either "hard code" the SQL clause within the task step setup in the tool OR pass the SQL statement as a parameter.  


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