Add Member Groups to Filtered Layers in Web Maps

Idea created by garzag on Jul 29, 2017
    • garzag

    Imagine a large SQL database with three categories in a field; Blue, Red, Green. Three member groups match; Team Blue, Team Red, and Team Green. Currently, or the only way I know, is to filter by color and create three separate Web maps. Then, filter one for blue, one for red, and one for green. Finally, match the appropriate group color with the appropriate filtered Web map.


    Can we have the option of attaching a group of members to each filtered layer within one Web Map. So, now you have three filtered layers and three appropriate groups attached to each. The result is one Web map that can be viewed by the three separate teams, only revealing the layer that is visible to their team group.


    Here is my current scenario. I have a region that includes 10 states. Management wants sales by state for the different sales teams. With my approach, I have to create 11 Web maps. One for each state and then an overall for management that includes no filter on the state field. It works, but if we expand beyond one region it grows exponentially.


    If anyone has a better explanation, please feel free to add comments. Thick skin here, so comment away. I truly believe this would help 80% and more of those of us who have to filter territories, states, regions, sales areas, and more.


    Thank you for your consideration.


    Pics to follow...