Attribute Table Float Field Formatting

Idea created by AaronFrancis on Jul 27, 2017
    • AaronFrancis

    It would be a great idea to have the ability to format float fields so that they automatically display zeros after the decimal (if there is no significant digit there already). Currently, you can do this by selecting "pad with zeros" within  the Field Properties in an ArcMap session, but whenever you bring that same feature classs/shapefile into a new MXD the field will display any number without a significant digit after the decimal place as a whole number. It would be great to be able to maintain the setting of "pad with zeros" outside of an ArcMap session. In addition to this, there could be a number of different options that could be created to automatically maintain a certain format (for different field types) so that it shows exactly what/how the data is intended to be viewed.   numeric fields attribute-table formatting attribute fields fields