Make ArcGIS Pro honor system's default web browser when clicking links

Idea created by roemhildtg on Jul 10, 2017



    I have a web link in a popup that looks something like this:{OBJECTID} This link is to an internal application which opens up a details page on the record.


    When clicking on a popup link in arcgis pro, the resulting web link is opened in Internet Explorer. This is not what a user would expect if the default browser is set to Google Chrome or Firefox.


    As far as I know this isn't a very complicated procedure, opening a link in an addin requires something like





    • Some applications do not work in versions of internet explorer and it would be very useful to allow pro to open other web browsers.
    • If a user is used to using chrome, and is signed in to a web service, they won't have to sign in again when clicking links to the web service in pro



    How do I change ArcGIS Pro's default browser in the pop-up from IE to Chrome?