Make Query Widget End-User-Intuitive

Idea created by bpgis1 on Jun 23, 2017

    Recently we performed a usability test using the Query Widget in WAB. The users within this test were randomized and given no instructions during their test.

    The result of this test provided awareness of some glaring limitations within this widget. The users stated that some current features were counter- intuitive within the application and stated these were necessary changes that needed to be made. 

    • When viewing results of the query there is no indication of a "back" or "return to main menu" (start of the query). Users resulted in refreshing the page to be able to view the start of the query. 
    • The term "Execute" has a negative connotation to the general public (non-GIS users). Therefore, using plain-language such as "Search" will assist the public. (this is a  single line of code that needs to be modified, but needs to be download and deployed to change at it's current status) (see image attachment)
    • The drop down with the term 'layername_QueryResult' menu next to the "feature actions" ellipsis is not user friendly nor uses user terminology. The term "_QueryResult" means nothing to the general public. If this were a simple Layer list (without that terminology) it would suffice. (see image attachment)
    • Lastly, on the back end (editor end). If implementing a second filter expression with drop down options, it currently can only have one term in each record of the field in the attribute table. If multiple words are listed in each record of that field, the only option currently is to make the end-user type in a box (no drop down list). This is a huge limitation for application creators and end users. 


    We would love to see this widget be improved, and we feel as though it's overall concept is incredible but has much more potential within it with these changes for both End-User and app creator. 

    Thank you.