Removing map from ArcGIS Pro project using ArcPy

Idea created by graeme on Jun 17, 2017

    I have a desirable requirement to be able to remove a map from an ArcGIS Pro project using ArcPy.

    However the ArcGISProject class does not seem to provide a method to do this.

    I would like ArcPy to be enhanced to allow this.

    My use case is a map automation application where I need to maintain three maps to support three MGA Zones (Australian "equivalent" to supporting three UTM Zones).  When the application exports a PDF at the end I also save a copy of the APRX so that the user wanting the PDF can, if need be, open up a copy of the project that created it (think of it as a draft), and perform some modifications before saving a final project/PDF.  Since each PDF only uses one of the MGA Zone maps I would like to unclutter the project before saving the copy by removing the other two MGA Zone maps.