IFC import and Export toolbox/menu

Idea created by HO_Multiconsult on May 7, 2017
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    Digital Colabration - Smart Cities - seamless colabration between CAD and GIS software?


    I miss the possibillity to import and export IFC files directly into the ArcGIS platform like Desktop/PRO and CityEngine without converting it into Multipatch. This should be seamless between CAD and ArcGIS software. Smart buildings need smart maps.

    Today, it is a way around seeing IFC files in the ArcGIS platform, but this could be solved by implementing a toolbox/menu which easily could view, import and export IFC files with all details a IFC file contains.


    IFC is an open international standard for BIM and colabration in the construction industry:




    Best Regards,

    Hans-Ole Løvland