OD Cost Matrix with End Time (Arrive At)

Idea created by sqril13 on Apr 21, 2017
    • AndrewsColeL
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    • sqril13

    So currently the Network Analyst has the Closest Facility tool and the Origin-Destination Cost Matrix tool that are similar with the two main differences (for me at least) being:

    1) CF ranks facilities and is not capable of handing matrix level volume

    2) CF allows for both start time AND end time 


    The Service Area tool also accommodates for end time (arrive at) as well as start time (depart at).


    So the only network tool that doesn't allow for this is OD Cost Matrix.   


    I would very much like to see the OD cost matrix tool to allow for end time (arrive at) as well as the existing start time (depart at).  The CF tool is essentially doing this but only allowing for a handful of results (facilities to find).


    Please, please, please accommodate end time in the OD Cost Matrix tool...(psssst Google Directions mapping services does it but you have to develop a batch tool on your own and have an api key)